10 reason to use infographics in e learning

Reasons to Use Infographics in E-Learning Courses

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10 Reasons to Use Infographics in E-Learning Courses

When you’re presented with a complex topic or lots of stats and figures, do you prefer reading long paragraphs of text or viewing a quick infographic? I know which one I prefer, and it’s not the text.

Infographics have lots of beneficial uses, but they are often underutilised in e-learning. They are a powerful learning tool, however, so here are 10 reasons you should be using them.

  1. Easier to Understand Complex Topics

The biggest benefit of an infographic is it makes a complex topic simpler and quicker to understand. This is because most of us learn visually – remember that old cliché that a picture tells a thousand words? Well, it applies to infographics too, even though they often have text on them. Infographics explain complex topics using visually pleasing graphics and the fewest possible words.

  1. Better Retention Rates

This point flows from the last one, i.e. if an infographic makes a complex topic easier to understand, you will achieve better retention rates in your course. In addition, an infographic is easier and less daunting for a learner to go back to if they can’t remember something about the topic. After all, it’s easier to spend a few seconds looking at the infographic again than several minutes scanning through text trying to find what you’re looking for.

  1. More Engaging for the Learner

Learners like infographics too, not least because of the points above. The like them because it makes it easier for them to understand complex topics and also because it helps them remember. After all, most learners want to use the skills they learn on your e-learning courses (or any other type of course for that matter) and are as frustrated as you when they can’t do that to their fullest potential.

In addition, learners like the fact that infographics speed up the learning process. Why spend 10 or 20 minutes trying to grasp a new concept when you can get it in a few minutes using an infographic?

  1. Excellent Method of Presenting Lots of Facts and Figures

If you need to include lots of statistics, facts, and figures in your e-learning courses, infographics are a must. This is because statistics and facts can become very dry and boring to present in text form, even when you use bullet points.

In addition, it is easier to highlight key statistics or facts using an infographic.

  1. Helps Learners Connect Different Concepts

One thing that learners often find difficult is connecting different concepts together. Infographics enable you to make this connection in the mind of the learner at a glance. It is also more effective than using alternative methods, such as via text.

  1. Reduces the Time it Takes to Complete Modules

I touched on this point above – learners like modules and courses that are short. This is because short courses are less daunting to complete, plus it is easier for them to find the time, i.e. it is easier for learners to find multiple five-minute slots in their week than it is for them to find a 30 or 45-minute slot to complete an e-learning module.

Short courses and modules are also beneficial to your business too.

Making modules short is often challenging, however, particularly if the topic is complex or has a lot of detail. Using infographics is an effective solution.

  1. Helps You Remove Unnecessary Detail

Creating an infographic forces you to strip out unnecessary detail to ensure the visual looks right – attractively designed, on topic, and uncluttered. By doing this, your e-learning courses will become sharper and you will improve the learning experience.

  1. Improves Visual Design

An e-learning course is not just about the content – the design is important too. You have limited things you can do with simple text, however. This is another reason to include different forms of media. Of course, varying the media you include helps the learner and improves engagement and retention rates, but it also enhances the way the course looks.

Infographics are another form of media you have at your disposal.

  1. Makes the Course Less Cluttered

Being able to explain complex and dry topics in a short, sharp, and interesting way not only helps people learn – it improves how your e-learning course looks. Specifically, it makes it look clean and uncluttered.

  1. Great Way to Build Your Brand

Infographics also give you an opportunity to add further branding to your e-learning course. After all, you can’t do much with simple text content. With an infographic, however, you can add your logo, use your corporate colours, and use your corporate font.

Infographics require technical and design knowledge to create but they are worth the extra effort. You will benefit, and your learners will benefit too.