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With our HQ based in Dubai for over ten years and serving hundreds of organisations across the Middle East, Capytech stands as the premier provider of custom e-learning solutions in the region. Our comprehensive suite of training services are based around Custom E-Learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and incredible Metaverse experiences.  In custom E-Learning and Metaverse design, we create tailor-made, interactive and highly engaging experiences that will cater to all your requirements. 

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Custom E-Learning Modules

We have been developing custom e-learning modules for over ten years, creating bespoke online training that is always unique to each organisation we work with.  We do this by embracing your business requirements and let our Instructional Designers develop training that connects and engages with your employees.  We don’t send learners to sleep by making them click ‘next, next, next’, our Creative Team design stunning animated graphical journeys, fun gamification, real life scenarios and lots of interactive elements to engage learners.

If you want to generate motivation and excitement to learn, then partner with Capytech, and let our Design Team explode with creativity and develop world-class e-learning solutions for you.

Learning Management System (LMS)

It is very difficult to launch an e-learning course without an Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is a website that allows you to enrol users on a course, manage your training content and monitor the completion of e-learning modules. Our subscription based LMS will not only give you a cloud-based online learning platform that is fully branded to your organisation, it will also include a FREE library of soft skills and wellness modules for an immediate company launch.

Contact us today and launch the Siraj Learning system in 3 weeks.

E-learning In The Metaverse

Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5, we offer next-generation Metaverse development services. Our solutions are in the same stunning graphics you would expect to see on the PlayStation 5, giving you an incredible and realistic virtual environment.

We have already created incredible virtual worlds for some global brands and it’s not just for training, you might want to conduct a global conference, recreate a tourist hotspot, or design a real estate walkthrough, we’ve got you covered.

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