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Siraj Learning Management System

We are everything e-learning, and that includes the LMS.

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Having your own LMS will allow you to adopt a modern blended learning approach by taking the best of the classroom training and online learning.

Capytech are experts in this field and spent years developing and supporting online learning platforms for businesses like yours.

We have used these years of experience to develop our new LMS called Siraj, a turn key solution with everything you need to launch online learning in your organization.

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We named the LMS Siraj because it means torch or lantern in Arabic and underlines our passion to support our clients on their e-learning journey.

Here are 5 reasons why Siraj Learning should get you excited:

  • Siraj is a cost effective, subscription based Learning management system that will be branded to your organisation, fully integrated into your current systems if needed and your own domain. 

  • The Siraj Learning subscription comes with its own Apple or Android mobile application and will be available on all the app stores, allowing your users to study anywhere and at any time. 

  • This package also includes a FREE library of business essentials and wellness modules.  These beautifully designed,  mobile responsive modules are developed in both English and Arabic.  We will even add your company's logo to each module to match the LMS and your organisations branding. 

  • We all know a new system can seem complex and confusing!  Well don't worry, you will be supported through every step of the journey by our incredible System Support Team.

  • Another part of this LMS package is ‘promotion’. We want to help you promote and engage your employees, so we have included FREE promotional animation and poster design for you to share around your company.

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  • Certificates
    Course Tracker
    Grading Sheets
    Learning Plan
  • Progress Bar
    Report Cards
  • Feedback

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