Custom E-learning Modules

Creating Custom E-Learning Experiences in Arabic and English

One of the best ways to enhance skill is through e-learning. However, an important part of this online training is to ensure that the content is relevant and consistent to your organisation. This targeted training is guaranteed to greatly improve performance and increase results in the workplace, and this is where Capytech comes in!

Capytech are specialists in creating Arabic and English custom e-learning modules that are designed to help your employees retain the information and to keep them engaged throughout the training experience.

You now have e-learning at your finger tips! TAP BELOW and interact with our live Arabic and English e-learning demo module.

Capytech Sets the Standard in Interactive Design

What do we include IN ALL our custom build e-learning modules?

We have always been committed to ensuring high levels of interactivity and creativity. As leaders in the industry, we believe that an engaging digital experience should inspire, motivate, and captivate. Our team of expert Instructional Designers are dedicated to creating content that does not merely inform, but interacts. Every piece of content we design is meticulously crafted, ensuring an interactive and compelling learning experience.
Our commitment to the visual experience is reflected in every pixel. We understand that truly effective designs are built on memorable and high-end graphics. Our innovative team is dedicated to creating visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces and believe that design should never sacrifice functionality. Our approach ensures that every graphic, every interface, every user journey is as intuitive as it is aesthetically pleasing. With us, every design is a journey, every graphic a destination.
We have mastered the art of breathing life into e-learning through the use of animated characters and graphics. By integrating vibrant animated characters and captivating graphics, we transform traditional educational content into dynamic and immersive learning journeys.
We are embracing gamification as a powerful tool to captivate and engage learners. By integrating game-like elements into our e-learning platforms, we transform the learning process into an interactive, immersive and enjoyable journey. Through gamification, we are not just making learning fun, we are ensuring it is effective, memorable, and inspiring, appealing to learners across a spectrum of ages and backgrounds.
Creating interactive and dynamic learning experiences that engage learners on a deeper level. By offering a variety of paths and outcomes based on the learner's choices, branching scenarios encourage active participation and critical thinking, fostering a more personalised and relevant learning experience. They simulate real-life situations, enabling learners to practice problem-solving skills in a safe environment.
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Want To See Our Work?

Take a look at the video below. ESG DEMO Imagine what we can do with your training content.

Partner with Capytech for all your e-learning needs

We are dedicated to transforming your training visions into engaging and effective e-learning modules. Our team of experienced professionals collaborates with you every step of the way, ensuring your unique needs are met with innovative and tailored solutions. Partner with us to leverage our cutting-edge technologies, creative design, and pedagogical expertise for your e-learning endeavors. 

Capytech Module Product Ladder

We have different levels of e-learning modules depending on budget and time constraints. Get in touch with us and we can demonstrate the differences. 

You need to launch a module very quickly without the need for more advanced e- learning functions. Great option for Mobile Responsiveness.

You need to launch a module quickly with some more interaction options and also with the option to add narration.

Your learning needs added graphics, custom interactions to increase learner engagement with the option to build your own learning interface with options for animation and narration.

You want the highest-end e- learning module and are willing to invest to do so. Truly world-class e-learning including instructional design support, gamification, scenarios and mini games


Get in touch and we will show you some amazing e-learning modules, in different styles and work together to get you your perfect training solution.

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