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Benefits of Just in Time Training

Damian Hehire-learning

15 Benefits of Just in Time Training

Just in time training offers your employees the ability to learn on-demand. You provide the e-learning training modules in a library and your employees complete the modules whenever they want or need to.

Due to the nature of just in time training, e-learning is the best delivery method. Why should you implement just in time training, however, and what are the benefits to both your training strategy and your business overall?

Benefits and Advantages of Just in Time Training

The main benefits of just in time training for companies in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia fall into three main categories:

  • Training effectiveness
  • Performance
  • Overall company benefits

Training Effectiveness Benefits

  1. Fits in with work schedules

When you pull an employee away from their normal duties for training, particularly if they are busy, they will be distracted, and the training won’t be as effective as it could have been. At worst, employees can respond negatively to training in these situations. Just in time training, however, fits in with work schedules more than any other training delivery method.

  1. A more productive way to learn

As employees are likely to go through the training module when they need the information most, they will be more engaged with the process and more determined to obtain the knowledge they need.

  1. Makes the learning process more efficient

Following on from the last point, just in time training also speeds up the learning process, particularly if you incorporate learning by doing.

  1. Enhances knowledge retention

As your team will be more engaged and focused when completing just in time learning content, they will be more likely to retain the information over the long term than they will with other forms of training, particularly pre-set classroom-based training.

  1. Your team can learn on the go

Learning on the go matches with current lifestyles and work responsibilities. Just in time training fits perfectly with learning on the go.

Performance Benefits

  1. Improves productivity

When employees don’t have the skills or knowledge they need, they can make mistakes, it can take them longer to perform a task, and more resources than necessary might be required. By providing your team with the skills and knowledge they need through just in time training, you will improve productivity.

  1. Ensures employees have access to up-to-date information

You could introduce a standard e-learning course or even classroom-based training on a topic you are considering for just in time learning. What happens when a new recruit joins the company after this training is complete or an existing employee changes department or gets a promotion? Just in time training ensures staff in these situations and others not only get access to training but also access to up to date training.

  1. Reduces errors

If an employee doesn’t have the knowledge that they need to complete a task, they may choose to fumble through as best they can. This increases the risk of error. By ensuring there is a just in time training module available on the topic, employees have an alternative option to simply fumbling through.

  1. Raises overall skills levels in your organisation

Each time an employee completes a just in time e-learning module, the skills and knowledge level in your company increases.

  1. Ensures training is fully aligned with company needs

You need your employees to have knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas, but it may not be feasible to instigate a full training programme. For example, some employees might be highly knowledgeable in a particular topic area, others will have some knowledge, and some will have very little. Just in time training can be the solution in this situation.

Overall Company Benefits

  1. Empowers learners

Your team will respond to training more positively when they feel empowered. Just in time training helps with this by giving employees the content they need but allowing them to decide when to complete the modules.

  1. Builds employee confidence

Employees can lack confidence in certain situations because they don’t have the knowledge they need. Their confidence can take a further hit if they feel embarrassed to ask for help or, when they do ask, they still don’t understand because the explanation is inadequate. Just in time training can address these problems, improving confidence.

  1. Enhances staff loyalty

Your employees are more likely to stay with your company if you invest in their professional development. Just in time training is one of the ways you can do this.

  1. Helps develop or enhance a learning culture

Developing a learning culture is essential to the future success of modern businesses. Nothing stands still anymore from customer expectations to communication strategies to the technologies we use day-to-day. Just in time learning not only fits in with a positive learning culture but will enhance it.

  1. Becomes a catalyst for change

It can be difficult to implement the continuous change your business needs to stay competitive when you have employees who are stuck in a rut or who are happy with the way things are. Just in time training can help you break these barriers down. It isn’t the only solution, but it can help.

Implementing Just in Time Training

Making just in time training modules responsive, short, and highly relevant is essential to your just in time training strategy. The content must also be professionally produced. By doing this, you will improve training and the skills level in your business with a tangible return on investment.