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I’m Damian from Capytech and today I am so excited to showcase to you our AI Tutor technology that we’ve been working on now for quite some months.

First of all, let me set the context. We’ve been developing e-learning content, custom e-learning for ten years, and we’re always looking to achieve our mission of creating world class e-learning. So let’s look at some pros and cons of e-learning. Now, if you’ve delivered anything or developed anything with us, then you’ll be familiar with some of these.

Of course, the pros are, it gives you a great amount of flexibility, scalability, trackability and so on. There are many, many great reasons for organizations to implement custom e-learning into what they do. Some of the cons might be that the content isn’t particularly dynamic, so you are fixed with what’s on the slide. We’ll put in multimedia and gamification and so on, but it’s still very much an asynchronous one-way experience that the learner will have. Obviously can still meet organizational goals brilliantly the vast majority of the time. But we’re looking at ways that we can enhance what we’re already doing. We’ve been able to develop an AI Tutor that we integrate into our learning products, into our e-learning, and that is going to help you enhance your organizational outcomes while still having all of the benefits that we have there by developing our custom learning. What I’m going to showcase to you now is what we’ve developed, our first version of an AI Tutor integrated into a learning module. So let me brin that up now for you

So this is one of our Capytech on boarding modules. We’ve developed something customized for us. This is a scorm compliant e-learning module. We’ve got avatars there. We’ve got all the things you might expect to see on e-learning module with navigation various progress bars and son on. Just a short little module here and I can move around this module as I see it going through a learning journey and so forth. Now, for those that are astute, they might have known as something a little bit different. We’ve got a little icon here, so let’s click on that. Now, here we’ve got represented by our avatar.

Our capybara avatar, of course, is our AI Tutor that we have trained on our HR policies, our manuals and so forth. Now, as I’m going through this learning content, I’ve got someone to ask questions too, so let’s do that. Now. How do I apply for sick leave? The HR bot that has been trained on may content can the go ahead and will inquire to the appropriate materials and come back to me telling me exactly how can I apply for my sick leave. So this is a wonderful, wonderful wat to be able to reinforce the content that we’re having, I guess solve any questions that people might be having about the materials that we’re presenting on and so on. And that AI Tutor is going to be available to me throughout the module. As I go through, if I come up with a question, maybe I’m not too sure I can bring up my HR bot as we called it now, and then we can query it and learn what we need to learn and help us to achieve, the learning outcomes for that module and them improve our organizational outcomes as well.

What’s exciting about this, our AI bot technology is that it’s fully customized. Like all f our products. We train it on your materials, on your policies and procedures, as you would share with us. When we’re developing our e-learning modules, we train the AI in a secure way. We’re not going to any public APIs or OpenAI or any other publicly accessible language model. We’ve got our own private language model that we can securely store, of course, and then train and query the AI bot about the materials that are provided to us. So this is quite unique. And of course, we can integrate it directly into modules that you already have. So if you’ve already developed e-learning for you, we can add that to it, add the AI capability to it. We can of course incorporate onto any new program that we’re developing as well. All this is customized, so the avatar, the way it answers, will capture all of the questions and responses.

We can then do analytics, even AI to figure our what training gaps might be out there as well. So it gives us just a whole new capability of how we can utilize AI in a customized, secure way to gain, help us achieve our mission of creating world class e-learning and helping you reach your organizational outcomes, what your objectives are for leaning in the first place. So I want to ask you to answer a few questions here.

Why would you use and AI Tutor? And I come up with basically three different areas. First of all, and I mentioned this a couple of times, you’re improving learning outcomes. So by making something that’s a bit more interactive, being able to have something that a learner can query and get responses for we’re making it a more memorable experience as well. We can program the AI to meet your or match your company’s culture. It could be a little bit quirky, a little bit fun in the way that it responds as well. Or it could be, of course, very serious and only ever answering questions directly related to the topic that it’s been trained on.

The second area is it is multilingual. What I mean by that is I might have the module delivered in English, but perhaps we’ve got some learners that are unsure about a specific phrase in English so they can query it in Arabic and the AI will respond to it if we wanted to in the language that it’s been queried in. So, I ask question in Arabic can respond to me in Arabic as well. Again, we’re levelling up the ability of our modules to be able to meet the learning outcomes desired for the program.

And the last and one of my favorites is feeding curiosity. You’ll have learners that will want to learn, of course, more. They’re curious about the topic, particularly if you’re talking about product or history of an organization. They might want to dig in further and deeper about the topics that we’re talking about. As I mentioned in the beginning, e-learning modules are predefined. They’ve got the content that we put onto the slide in a variety of different ways, but it doesn’t allow by default, the learner to dig deeper here. Using the AI Tutor, the learner can dig deeper and they can get more details about things that they are interested in, and they can query to it with their appetite about the content that we’re talking about. So that’s our new AI Tutor.

I’m very excited to showcase it to you. And if you’re interested in learning more about what we have available here, then feel free to get in touch. Thank you.

AI Tutor


You can have them INSIDE your new or existing e-learning modules!

Introducing an innovative leap in e-learning — Capytech’s AI Tutor! 

We’ve harnessed cutting-edge artificial intelligence to create a personalised learning assistant that enhances your educational programs. Our AI Tutor is designed to integrate seamlessly into any e-learning module, providing real-time answers and interactive engagement tailored to your organisation’s specific content.

The AI Tutor isn’t just a chatbot; it’s an intelligent companion trained on your corporate manuals and HR policies, effectively making it as unique as your company. With features like multilingual support, it breaks down language barriers, offering clarifications in the learner’s preferred language. Plus, it’s crafted to mirror your company’s culture whether that be professional and concise or quirky and engaging, ensuring it fits perfectly within your existing setup.

Revamp your e-learning with Capytech: Seamlessly embed our AI instructor into any existing module, regardless of the original developer. WATCH BELOW our AI demonstration

Empower your employees with a dynamic learning tool

Empower your employees with a dynamic learning tool that invites curiosity, promotes better retention, and genuinely assists in achieving learning outcomes that align with organisational goals. Whether upgrading existing modules or creating new campaigns, Capytech’s AI Tutor technology stands ready to transform traditional e-learning into a truly interactive and educational journey.

What is the process to add the AI Instructor to your e-learning modules?

1. Specify the subject of expertise you’d like your AI Instructor to master
2. Capytech will train the AI to be the ultimate tutor in your chosen topic
3. Capytech will quickly embed the AI into any of your existing modules
4. You then re-upload the e-learning modules to your LMS, with no interruptions!
5. Capytech will supply you with monthly data analytics, to allow you to find knowledge gaps and trends, which then allows for constant improvement to the training

An AI instructor can adapt to individual learning styles, providing a more personalised and effective learning experience. It can adjust the pace, difficulty, and type of content based on learner's performance and preferences.
AI instructors are available round the clock. Learners can access the module and get their queries resolved anytime, anywhere, without having to wait for a human tutor's availability.
AI instructors can understand and respond in any language. This makes the e-learning module accessible to a wider audience and enhances the learning experience for non-native English speakers.
AI instructors can track every interaction, providing valuable insights into learner's performance, knowledge gaps, and learning trends. This data can be used to continuously improve the content and effectiveness of the e-learning module.
AI instructors can handle any number of learners simultaneously without compromising on the quality of instruction. This makes the e-learning module highly scalable, catering to an expanding or large number of learners with ease.
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