This newsletter is hitting your inbox late this month, it’s a case of shooting the crocodile closest to the boat. This is more or less the theme for this month, figuring out how to scale as we become busier and busier.

I’m not complaining, it’s a great problem to have!

As we get more ongoing work and prospects, I’ve realised that some of the systems I had in place just don’t scale well. I could only really appreciate this once they started to break. Thankfully nothing has gone too wrong yet, but it time to invest in systems or processes that can allow us (or at least me!) to continue to grow.

I also had the pleasure of attending Learning Technologies Asia. I am very interested in the Asian market, and see it as a possible future expansion for our company.  It still might be a little while yet, but Capytech Asia could be a thing before too long!

I hope you enjoy this newsletter, and if you have any tips on how to best cope with business demands - I’d love to hear it!


Damian Hehir

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Gadget of the Month - Apple Watch Series 3
Ok ok, I know what you’re all thinking - not another Apple Product. Well it’s my newsletter, so you’ve got to suffer me! ;)

I’ve had an Apple Watch since the very first release, and just recently I decided to upgrade to the latest Series 3. The main reasons were 1. Performance and 2. Water resistance.  

My original Apple Watch couldn’t be taken to the pool or beach, so I found myself swapping out for a water resistant alternative. Now I can basically wear the same watch all the time. I swap out bands between the Nike Sports Band and a $20 magnetic leather band I bought of Amazon. In fact the ability to do this is one of the key benefits of this watch, you can adapt it to meet the occasion.

My first watch was starting to get sloooooow. I found myself increasingly frustrated with load times and so on. The latest WatchOS was a big step forward, and I wasn’t appreciating it as much as I should have been. Now with the 3rd iteration of the watch, performance is greatly improved as you would expect.

A bonus benefit is battery life. I find this version lasts a lot longer and a single workout doesn’t take up 50% of the battery. I think I could wear it for two days without charging. Now I found myself wearing it to bed to track my sleep (in airplane & cinema mode), as I only need to charge it for about an hour a day.

The major highlight of this watch was the inclusion of LTE. This isn’t available yet in the UAE, but to be honest I don’t want it anyhow! The majority of time I want to be contactable, I have my phone with me. If I was a runner/swimmer or something were leaving the phone behind would be a benefit - then I’m sure my opinion might differ.
So overall I’m very happy with the Apple Watch, so you can include it on my (ever increasing) list of Apple recommended products!
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