Why is the Metaverse Important 1

Why is the Metaverse Important?

Damian Hehire-learning, General

Why is the Metaverse Important?

All right, today I want to talk about why I feel the Metaverse is so important. Let’s get into it. The first reason I think the Metaverse is very important is because if you look at the large technology companies in the world, those like Meta, recently renamed from Facebook, Google, even Apple, which will soon be bringing out some AR glasses, there is a massive amount of investment going into the software and the hardware that will enable the metaphor. These ideas that have been around now for 30 years about entering a completely immersive world where the hardware is really catching, which is my second point here. With mobile phones and the miniaturization of technology, cameras, sensors and so forth, we’re getting toa point where we can have wearable glasses and other devices that will enable us to enter these universes, these metaverses.

Now, this might be done on a wearable device, or you can even use some of the software that has been developed in order to enter a metaverse that you might access through your computer or even through your mobile phone and so on, either in a 3D space or an AR type of element as well. Now, this is growing upon what we identify as proto metaverses. They’re not quite metaverses, perhaps by the true definition of the word, but games like Roadblocks, Minecraft, Fortnite, three of the most popular games in the world right now, 3D spaces that represent a sort of metabolism. And if you’ve seen our children, even some adults, they are absolutely immersed in these spaces. Now, of course, there’s lots of game mechanics that can be applied there, but now we’re looking at how we can apply and use the same technology settings for a learning space as well. With this, you’ve got a generation of children and young adults that are entering the workforce that have grown up using this space and spending perhaps hour a day within each of these games.

And so now we want to complement what their expectations might be in a workforce by allowing them to have metaphors experiences in a corporate setting for learning, for on boarding and other corporate events and so forth. And finally, this was accelerated perhaps by a decade, by the recent COVID pandemic. We’re living in a never increasing interconnected world. I don’t think anyone’s going to debate that. It’s now normal for us to meet other telecommunication calls and globe is more interconnected, trade is more interconnected than it’s ever been. We can only expect that trend to increases we see technology advancing, better hardware coming out. And as I mentioned earlier, a generation of people coming through that expect to be able to meet with their friends, their colleagues in these metaverse type worlds. There are four great reasons why I think the metaverse is so important. I’d love to hear your opinion and let me know what you think.