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What is Capytech all about

Damian Hehire-learning

What is Capytech all about

Good day. I’m Damian from Capytech and today I want to tell you what Capytech is all about. Now, we’ve been operating in the Middle East for over ten years now, and if you visited our website, you can see that we’ve been trusted by some of the largest companies organizations in the region, which is a great honor. But let me tell you what we actually do.

The first area that we focus on is custom content development. Now this is opposed to libraries, which are wonderful, like your Udemy’s and Courseras and so on, which give you large amounts of content that is generic. We focus on the custom side, so we take companies policies and so on and build them into highly interactive and often gamified learning that will compliment other learning strategies like in the classroom or these libraries that I mentioned before. Let me give you a couple of areas. The two key gateways that we find ourselves entering organizations and helping them with e-learning is in compliance and onboarding.

Compliance is of course very, very important. We work with a lot of banks to build our money laundering programs, combating financial crime and so on. And so being able to readily roll our these king of training at scale and be ab;e to track that is essential to many, many organizations.

The other key area is in Onboarding. Now, every organization should have onboarding, of course and we know statistics tells us that having a robust onboarding program can increase retention by up to 82% and can make people up to 70% more efficient in the workplace. So by applying e-learning to compliance onboarding, we can very much help organizations.  And we can do that by allowing them to take their own materials, their own policies, their own mission and vision and so forth, and building that into this interactive learning that I spoke about.

The other area that we can help organizations with is with our learning management system called Sirage. Now,  many of our larger clients already have e-learning system in place. But for those that don’t have, we’ve got a wonderful solution that we’re able to develop and deliver our content on. It’s hosted here in the region as well, which is a great selling point also. And it can very much be fully branded and white labelled for companies which can help them meet their organization goals. We even include within our Siraj platform a free wellness course and a business essentials program as well, in English and in Arabic. So these are the services that we’ve been delivering for that last ten years. I want to now focus on some of the newer services that we have that we’re very excited about extending our capability with, first of all, is the Metaverse. And, I’ve got a whole series of videos just focus on the metaverse.

The Metaverse allows us to bring learning content into a fully immersive environment. You don’t need VR googles or anything like that. You can access it on the computers and devices that you already have. But it gives us a wonderful way to increase retention by giving people experiences that they will remember. If they remember it, f course, they will retain it, and that will increase organizational outcomes.

The other key component to the Metaverse, which separates it from, say, pure VR experiences, is that it can be collaborative. You can have your, let’s say, onboarding program again being delivered online to learners across the globe. They could be anywhere and they join into one, a single space. They get to meet each other, they get to collaborate, they get to go through learning, they get to meet with avatars or videos representing the CEO and so forth. So the Metaverse is, I think, the future of what learning can become.  So, moving away from legacy content like your web based learning management systems, which will always still be there, but complimenting that with more immersive experiences like what we have on the metaverse, we’ve got some grate solutions out there, and we’d be happy to show you that as well.

Now, let me move on to the newest product in our lineup, and that is our AI Tutor. Of course, everyone is so excited about artificial intelligence, and quite rightly so, as we are also. And what we wanted to do was build something that complimented the kinds of products that we already have and for instance, our customs content. We built technology that will allows us to securely train an AI Tutor on the materials that are provided by clients. It could be product information, it could be compliance information, it could onboarding information, and much, much more. Then we can integrate that into our e-learning products, and the learners are able to question the tutor, learn more, go into different languages and so on. So this another wonderful, wonderful way that we can extend what we’re already great at, building this custom content and allowing our learners to increase their retention by being able to interact with AI Tutor. And again, this is, we’ve just released this now, so I’m very, very excited to showcase to anyone that might be interested.

So if you feel any of those products and services that we have there might be of benefit to your organization, solve some pain point, improve your onboarding or your level of compliance, then of course, feel free to get in touch