How E learning can save you money

Saving money using e-learning

Damian HehirGeneral

We love creating short animated videos for our clients and including them within e-learning.  It’s a great way to keep students engaged and explain concepts.  These videos can also be very useful to explain what we do, and how you might like to use e-learning.

So in this video, we set a scenario of a training manager and how he’s struggling to manage his budget.  We go on to explain a few ways that he might be able to use e-learning to reduce his expenditure, and increase his happiness at the same time!

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Here is the full transcript:

Meet Robert, a training manager who regularly overspends on the training budget each year. He’s finding it increasingly difficult when talking to department managers, to justify releasing their employees for training days because of the effect on productivity.

However, he is much happier now, because he has found a solution to this problem.

He now uses E-learning technology and has rolled out a fully branded Learning Management System; he’s also taken the companies existing courseware and re-designed into an interactive and engaging format, making it a great learning experience for his employees.

But why does this solution make Robert happy? He is now managing the full years training program below his budget, keeping his boss very happy. But how would an Elearning solution save the company money?

Let’s take a look at 6 reasons why:

Lower travel costs

If you have a scattered workforce, make the geographical location irrelevant by using a Learning Management System to reach your employees wherever they are. Eliminating these travel expenses will have a big impact on your training budget.

Minimising lost productivity

There is always a cost involved when losing your employees from the workplace to attend training courses. Why don’t you estimate your costs and look at the total loss of productivity by taking the total number of employees, times that by their average hourly salary, and times that by hours spent on both travel and training per employee. I am sure you will find the results interesting.

No venue costs

No need for you to waste time and money finding, hiring and getting your employees to a suitable office space for training. All users can access training from anywhere, at any time and at their own pace.

No instructor costs

E-learning will see an end to paying high costs to consultants and instructors for training sessions. Lets put the training in the hands of the learners and watch the grades and positive feedback improve.

Reduced material costs

No need for stationary and printouts, the course material is available for all students at a tap of a button.


A single days health and safety course might have a maximum intake of ten people. Using the LMS you can teach 1, 10 or 1000 users in a single day or over a period of days.

So there you have it. Robert is one happy training manager because he is saving money by switching to E-learning.

Why don’t you give Capytech a call today and let us surprise you with firstly how cost effective it is to develop the E-learning, and secondly, show you why we are world class at taking a clients content and designing it into a highly interactive and engaging format.