Tripod and Capytech

Capytech and Tripod Partners sign Joint Venture

Damian Hehire-learning, entrepreneurship

Capytech and Tripod Partners sign Joint Venture

As the contact form on our website says, we’re always interested in exciting business opportunities. Well today I’m announcing a new joint venture (JV) that we’re undertaking with Tripod Partners.

I first met Dave from Tripod a year or so back when he was making some enquiries into e-learning. Whilst we didn’t do any business at that time, we kept in touch.

Sometime later I received a couple of enquiries from banks about e-learning, and in particular compliance training delivered online. I immediately thought of Dave and got in touch again.

Dave spent the time with me to explain the intricacies of compliance training for banks and particular concerns in the region. With decades of experience with international banking, it was apparent to Dave and me that there was a business opportunity there.

Over a day fuelled by coffee, we thrashed out a JV where we would jointly develop banking compliance e-learning with an initial focus on global market and AML. We’ve already developed the first module for this, and will soon be adding more.

We see our unique strengths as being:
customised solutions for each bank (not off the shelf)
the highest quality in e-learning (no designs that look from the 80s)
– full licensing for the banks (no ongoing user/access fees)

So if you’re a bank looking for e-learning, compliance or otherwise – then please get in touch and we’ll setup a demo!