Capytech and FORGE join forces to create great soft skills e-learning

Damian HehirGeneral

Capytech and FORGE join forces to create great soft skills e-learning

Capytech is often one of the first companies that people call when they’re looking for e-learning.

This is amazing, and our clear messaging (and work on SEO!) has really assisted in this.  For most of Capytech’s history, we’ve focused mostly on custom e-learning content and solutions.  This has served us well and helped us differentiate from other vendors that mostly re-sell library content.

I do quite often get asked about off-the-shelf or predeveloped soft skill e-learning. Up until recently we didn’t have a good solution for this – until FORGE came along.

I’ve known the founders of FORGE for many years back to our time in the Australian military.  They are experts in training of course, but also look to set themselves apart with their curated offerings.

FORGE also shares a similar startup journey as Capytech and we’ve been through many of the ups and downs together.  Working together as we now are was a natural and obvious fit.

Jointly, FORGE and Capytech are now offering almost 200 (!) soft skills lessons in everything from communication skills to financial modelling in Excel.  It really is a wide variety, and because we both operate agilely we can add to this on client demand.

As we still like to customise even our pre-prepared solutions the modules will still feature some bespoke features.  Things such as logos and branding of course, but if you want to include your policies or a CEO’s message, then great – we encourage this!

I couldn’t be happier than I am with this partnership.  It has filled a capability hole for us, and FORGE ‘gets’ e-learning having operated an LMS for a number of years.

So if you’re interested in off-the-shelf e-learning with a custom twist – then get in touch!