The Benefits of Integrating an AI Tutor in Your Next E Learning Course

The Benefits of Integrating an AI Tutor in Your Next E-Learning Course

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The Benefits of Integrating an AI Tutor in Your Next E-Learning Course

AI tutors can enhance your e-learning courses and the learning experience by providing learners with an engaging tool to ask questions, seek clarification, and request additional information. The technology exists today, it is safe, and it can be integrated into new e-learning courses and/or your existing training library. Why should you consider this option? What are the benefits of integrating an AI tutor into your next e-learning course?

Capytech is an innovator in AI tutoring technologies. We have proven functionality that can raise your e-learning courses to the next level. Here are the main benefits of AI tutors in e-learning.

You Maintain Control

The AI tutoring technology that we have developed is not like the AI technologies that get most of the attention in the news. Those technologies are trained on vast datasets covering just about every topic imaginable. Our AI technologies are powerful and effective, but we restrict the training content to your material and your material alone.

This means you retain full control over what is presented to your learners. You don’t have to try to think about every potential question and come up with an answer like you would if creating an FAQ section. The AI technology does this for you in real time and according to the specific requirements of individual learners.

At the same time, you can have confidence that the answers presented to learners by the AI tutor are specific to your organisation and the information you want to get across.

Improve Learning Outcomes

All features and components of an e-learning course should improve learning outcomes, including the experience of learners, the immediate results of the training course, and the ongoing behavioural changes that you want to achieve.

AI tutors facilitate and improve the learning experience, helping learners grasp the topic and deepen their understanding. The technology is also adaptive, so it will respond to learners wherever they are on the learning journey.

From those who have a good understanding of the topic and want to improve further to learners who are struggling but want to get to an acceptable standard, an AI tutor will help, improving overall learning outcomes in the process.

Conversational Engagements with Learners

Our AI tutoring technology uses natural language processing, so it understands context and intention. This means learners can interact with the AI tutor using everyday conversational language as if they were speaking to a person.

Multilingual Capabilities

We can also train your AI tutor using different languages so learners in multiple locations can interact with the tutor in a language of their choosing. For example, one user might choose to interact with the AI tutor in Arabic and another in English. Both will get a response in their chosen language and the learner experience will be consistent.

Real-Time Interactions with Learners

Learners will get a real-time response to their query or request for more information with an AI tutor. In addition, AI tutors are available 24/7, regardless of location, so learners don’t have to wait for a human tutor to pick up the query and provide an answer.

The real-time capability of AI tutors helps learners progress through your e-learning courses as there is no need to break the flow.

Personalises the Learning Experience

AI tutors give learners the ability to ask the questions they want, when they want, and how they want to ask them. This is one of the best ways of personalising the learning experience as it provides tailored support to learners in the moment.

Ensures Consistency

This point especially applies to large organisations that might have multiple human tutors and trainers, often in multiple locations, providing support to learners completing e-learning courses and answering questions. One of the challenges of this approach is that learners can experience inconsistencies in the levels of support.

Some learners might have to wait longer than others for answers, while the quality of answers can vary depending on the trainer.

With an AI tutor, all learners receive a consistent support experience.

Boosts Confidence

Learners don’t always have the confidence to ask questions, even if their query is hindering their ability to complete the course or get a proper understanding of the topic. AI tutors can help overcome this problem as learners will be more willing to ask an AI tutor a question without feeling embarrassed or that they are a burden.

Makes E-Learning Courses More Interactive

One of the main benefits of good e-learning courses is they provide learners with an interactive training experience. AI tutors let you take interactivity to another level.

Increases Learner Engagement

Improving engagement is a key priority with any form of training as results are better when learners are engaged with the content. Increased levels of interactivity, a more personalised learning experience, and the real-time availability of AI tutors means this technology will increase engagement with your e-learning courses.

Feed Curiosity

There will be some learners who will want to delve further into a topic than the e-learning course offers. Integrating an AI tutor with your content facilitates this curiosity and helps learners get a more comprehensive understanding without overwhelming other learners with too much information.

Reduces Resource Pressures and Costs

AI tutors can be used in place of human tutors or to augment human trainers, reducing time pressures on your training resources. This can reduce costs while also delivering a better learning experience.

The ROI of AI Tutors

Finally, you can expect a tangible return on investment when you integrate AI tutors into your e-learning courses. We touched on the potential cost savings that can be achieved in one of the points above, but the real ROI will come from better results from your training initiatives, i.e., improved performance, positive behavioural change, reduced risks, etc.

This makes AI tutors much more than a cool piece of tech riding the latest technological wave. AI tutors deliver measurable benefits that will have a positive impact on your training strategy and overall business.