Flip the classroom

What is flipping the classroom?

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What is flipping the classroom?

Anyone that has talked to me about e-learning, has surely heard me wax lyrical about the concept of flipping the classroom.  I think it’s a amazingly powerful way of enhancing your training.  Up until now it has mostly been adopted in high school settings, but it can be equally applied for adult vocational training.

What is flipping the classroom?

The basic premise is, that you introduce the concepts to be taught prior to going through them in the classroom.  So let’s say you want to introduce a particular procedure, instead of spending lots of time in the class going over it, where one student picks it up immediately whilst others take a long time – you allow the students to learn it at their own speed.

Not only are you allowing students to learn at their own pace, you are allocating valuable classroom time to going through problems, scenarios or group work.  These activities are far more likely to consolidate the learning than just introducing the theory itself.

How can you implement it?

In the past, flipping the classroom was difficult.  Now with the ubiquity of mobile devices and internet connections you can deliver content remotely, wherever your students might be.  It may be as simple as giving them a video to watch that is delivered through a Learning Managements System, or as sophisticated as a full e-learning package delivered on an iPad.

Using these tools, you have the ability to make the time spent with students far more engaging and effective.  Your training can potentially be completed faster using these techniques and with improved results.

If you want to learn more about flipping the classroom, then feel free to get in touch.

We even created this cool video to show you what we mean.  Let us know what you think!