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Exploring the Metaverse: ‘VR Goggles or Desktop/Mobile?’

Damian Hehire-learning

Exploring the Metaverse: ‘VR Goggles or Desktop/Mobile?’

In our continuing series ‘Exploring the Metaverse’, today’s topic is an interesting one: ‘VR Goggles or Desktop/Mobile?’ 

There are a couple of ways we can access and interact with the Metaverse and I feel a lot of people out there still associate the Metaverse with VR Goggles when this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case.  Let’s take a look at a brief description of two main options:

VR Goggles: 

VR goggles transport you into a whole new universe, making interactions feel incredibly real and close to physical reality. It’s about full immersion and active participation, with the ability to manipulate digital objects and engage with the environment in ways that mimic real-life actions.


On the other hand, accessing the Metaverse via desktop or mobile devices offers a more accessible and convenient option. This option is still very much an immersive experience with active participation, but this option gives us much more flexibility to reach many users by just a click of a button. The experience is more like a Playstation 5 game governed by clicks, drags, and key presses and makes it a great option for bringing the Metaverse to the masses.

But here’s the exciting part!

We don’t have to choose between the two. We bring both worlds together, allowing seamless access for both VR goggle users and desktop/mobile users to coexist and collaborate in the same Metaverse spaces. This hybrid approach broadens accessibility, inclusivity, and the potential for diverse experiences within the Metaverse.

A quick written example:

In this Metaverse example, we’ve constructed a digital replica of a Petrochemical plant, serving as a virtual training ground for new hires. This immersive world captures the complexities of a real-life refinery, designed specifically for onboarding and training purposes.

Within this digitised plant, crane operators can experience fully immersive VR training. They learn to maneuver and position cranes within the refinery’s layout, practicing intricate procedures in a realistic, yet controlled environment. Equipped with VR goggles and a simulated crane cabin, trainees can safely master their skills.

While the crane operator is engrossed in VR training, five other trainees, using their desktop PCs, are also present in this shared virtual space. They are actively participating in health and safety training sessions, which revolve around the crane operator’s activities. This simultaneous, multi-focused training approach allows a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic refinery operations, all within a safe, virtual environment.

In conclusion,whether you’re donning a pair of high-tech goggles or simply logging in from your laptop, the Metaverse is ready to welcome everyone. Please get in touch if you have any questions about accessing the Metaverse, or if you’d like a demonstration of our incredible