7 Key Features of Capytech's New AI Tutor Technology

7 Key Features of Capytech’s New AI Tutor Technology

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7 Key Features of Capytech’s New AI Tutor Technology

AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the most exciting and potentially disruptive technologies of current times. One of the things that many companies are grappling with is how to implement AI technologies to maximum effect. Our area of expertise at Capytech is e-learning course development and corporate training, so we focused on a highly practical and results-driven application of AI – AI tutor technology.

Our AI tutor technology can be integrated into your e-learning course to give learners a real-time, 24/7, intelligent chatbot to interact with and ask questions. The answers provided by the AI tutor will enhance the learning experience and facilitate the training process, helping learners get a better understanding of the topic and concepts being covered.

To give you a better understanding of our innovative AI tutor technology and how it can positively impact your training courses, here are the seven main features.

1. Integrate into New and Existing E-Learning Courses

Our AI tutor technology can be integrated into any new e-learning course projects you are planning, but one of the key benefits is that you can also add an AI tutor to your existing library of e-learning content. This means you can not only raise the bar with new projects but also give your existing library a significant refresh.

2. Trained on a Private Language Model

The AI technologies that have been making the news recently are known as generative AI. Our AI tutor technology at Capytech is also a type of generative AI. This type of technology has to be trained so it can provide answers to questions and engage with users.

The material used to train generative AI technologies is important. For example, some are trained using all the information on the internet. As a result, they can produce some very questionable answers and responses.

We train our AI tutor technology using a private language model. This means we retain full control over the process and the quality of the material that is used.

3. Trained Using Your Material

Part of the process of creating an AI tutor for your e-learning course is to train it on your content. After all, we want the tutor to always provide an answer that is directly relevant to your business and operations. Therefore, we use your material to train and adapt the AI tutor to your e-learning course. This could be a standard operating procedure, for example, or a training manual.

4. Trained Securely

Our AI tutor technology is secure to protect the technology and the information you provide us with to train the algorithm. This means the AI tutor and the information it contains will only be available within your e-learning courses.

5. Tailored to Your Company Personality or Requirements

We can tailor your AI tutor to reflect your company personality or any other specific requirements you have. This includes tailoring the visual appearance of the avatar, the tone of voice, and the conversational nature of the responses.

This ability to tailor the AI tutor further enhances the learning experience and brings a level of familiarity to learners when interacting with the tutor.

6. Captures Questions Asked and Responses Given

The questions that learners ask and the responses the AI provides are all captured for your review. You can then use this information to identify gaps in your training courses where information could be better explained. If a lot of learners ask a similar question, for example, you could look to improve parts of your e-learning course to make the content or concepts clearer on the first pass, reducing the number of learners who have to use the AI tutor to seek clarification.

You can also use this information to identify where you can provide additional information to learners. One of the benefits of our AI tutor technology is it gives learners the ability (if they want it) to delve deeper into a topic to get a better understanding without adding to the main content seen by all learners. You might find there are learners asking for additional information that the AI tutor doesn’t have, giving you the opportunity to add that detail.

Finally, you can use the information on questions and answers to help guide your e-learning course development strategy. The questions asked by learners, for example, could highlight knowledge gaps in your organisation that require additional e-learning courses or modules.

7. Provides Actionable Analytics

Our AI tutor technology also provides actionable insights to give you a deeper understanding of the performance of your e-learning course and the experience of learners. You can use this information to improve your training materials and overall strategy.

Take Your Training to the Next Level

AI technologies are transforming industries all over the MENA region and around the world. The opportunities that AI tutor technologies offer are substantial, helping you take your training initiatives to the next level. There are practical benefits, including helping learners understand the topic via personalised training experiences.

AI is also a hot topic that is of huge interest, so the introduction of AI tutors in your e-learning courses will create a buzz, capturing the imagination.

Anybody who has used an AI tool will know the technology can’t do everything – far from it. It can’t create a complex and engaging e-learning course, for example. You need people with real-world experience and training expertise for that. What AI can do, however, is add value, enhance engagement, and create excitement about the training courses you provide. Get in touch today to find out more.