5 Tips for Implementing a

5 Tips for Implementing a Just-In-Time Training Strategy

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An effective just-in-time training strategy implemented in the right circumstances can transform learning and development in your organisation. How do you make sure just-in-time training is the right strategy, and how can you ensure you approach it correctly? Just-in-time training has become more and more popular as the world has shifted to a just-in-time approach in a broad range of …

Developing a Future Ready Skills Based Workforce with E Learning

Developing a Future-Ready, Skills-Based Workforce with E-Learning

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The modern workplace is in a state of constant change as work practices evolve and organisations respond to market conditions, customer expectations, and competitive realities. However, the pace of change over the past number of years has significantly increased. The need to continuously develop a future-ready, skills-based workforce has never been more important. It is no longer enough to make …

Essential Steps for Developing a Future Ready Skills Based Workforce

Essential Steps for Developing a Future-Ready, Skills-Based Workforce

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Organisations across all industries and sectors in the UAE and Saudi Arabia face the challenge of continuously preparing for the future. Workforce skills are an essential component. How do you make sure you have the skills you need not only today, but tomorrow? What are those skills and how do you develop a workforce with a sufficient level of competency? …

E-Learning Trends for 2023

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How can e-learning help your business as it transforms and grows over the coming 12 months and beyond? How will new technologies impact and improve the delivery of training in your organisation? Many of the answers to these questions are in the following e-learning trends for 2023. Enter the Metaverse Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are already used …

Understanding the Gagne Instructional Design Model

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In the latest in our series on instructional design models, we are going to look at Gagne’s theory of instruction, how it fits with e-learning training strategies, and how it can be applied in your organisation. Gagne’s model of instructional design was developed by the American educational psychologist Robert Gagne. The model says there are nine different events of instruction …

Using Mentorship and E-Learning Together to Get the Best Results

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          In e-learning development projects, a lot of effort and focus is on achieving training objectives, maximising knowledge retention rates, and optimising learner engagement. The quality and structure of your e-learning courses are crucial in each of these training metrics, but you don’t have to rely on the e-learning course alone. Other strategies can also help, …

The Bloom’s Taxonomy Instructional Design Model in E-Learning – An Introduction

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  This is the second blog in our series looking at the main instructional design models that are used in e-learning. In this article, we are going to explore Bloom’s Taxonomy, a well-established framework in the education sector. We are going to focus on its relevance in e-learning, particularly in regard to the training and development of staff in companies …

Tips for Creating Effective ESG E-Learning Courses

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ESG is a catch-all term covering Environmental, Social, and Governance issues. Regulators, potential customers, employees, lawmakers, and other stakeholders are increasingly looking at ESG factors when assessing an organisation. For example, a potential customer making sure your ESG strategies and priorities are aligned. Providing e-learning courses can improve knowledge and change behaviours in ESG-related areas, but how do you make …

How E-Learning Can Benefit Your Organisation’s ESG Strategy

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ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – is becoming an increasingly important topic for organisations in a range of industries. How can you make sure there is alignment between your organisation’s ESG strategy and the day-to-day operation of your business? How can you ensure senior leadership buy-in with your ESG strategy? And how can you improve ESG knowledge and awareness …