Looking back on 2015

Damian Hehirentrepreneurship, General

As we approach the Christmas and New Year season, it’s the ideal time to look back on what has been achieved. This past year has clearly been the foundation year for Capytech. Just twelve months ago, Jason and I were still working full time and we only had one other member in our team. 2015 is the year that we both took the plunge to work full time on our company, and we’ve not looked back since.

We have our best team ever! Building a great team is hard, and we’ve gone through lots of ups and downs with this in the past year. We’ve now got a great small team which I’m confident will be with us for years to come. This is a platform that we can build upon as our company grows, and we’re in a great position to expand when the time is right. I’ve never felt more confident in this.

Just a year ago, we essentially had one product. Whilst it was great, we needed to expand our offerings to meet more customer’s needs. We did this firstly by developing our Learning Management Systems (LMS) after being asked more and more about this type of capability. Secondly we built a great product for large touch screen displays – again reacting to customer needs and a perceived gap in the market.

We’ve delivered on a wide variety of design orientated tasks over this year, basically helping our existing clients out or building new relationships. This was essential to keep our cash flow ticking over and making better products. We might not be doing these tasks in the long run, but we sure have learnt a lot about managing them!

The vision for where Capytech will be in the next couple of years is becoming clearer to me. We’re going to offer the absolute best products for eLearning. There are many competitors in this space, but the way we’ve structured our company, and built a team to achieve this.

2016 will be a year of massive growth for us. It will also be a year of learning, making mistakes and becoming a better company. I’m excited by what is over the horizon and look out for us next year!