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AI Tutors in Corporate E-Learning – Your Questions Answered

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AI Tutors in Corporate E-Learning – Your Questions Answered

You can implement an AI tutor into your e-learning courses now, both new courses you are planning and existing courses in your library. The technology is perfect for a range of e-learning course topics, and you will enhance the learner experience. You will also get better results from your training courses, boosting return on investment.

In this blog, we are going to answer your questions about AI tutors. If you would like to talk to us about your e-learning development project, please get in touch.

AI Tutor FAQs

What is an AI Tutor?

An AI tutor is a feature that can be added to your e-learning courses that lets learners ask questions, request additional information, or seek clarification. The tutor is available 24/7 and provides human-like answers without the need for human trainers. The answers are also accurate and topic-specific.

What Does the Experience for Learners Look Like?

AI tutors can be tailored to your organisation, but they usually take the form of a chatbot. Avatars can also be incorporated.

Learners can access the AI tutor from within the e-learning course, asking it questions in everyday language. The chatbot will then provide an immediate response, enabling the learner to move on with the course.

In other words, the experience for learners is very similar to using a chatbot on the internet except the chatbot is secure within your e-learning course and the responses are being provided by the AI tutor rather than a human.

Do AI Tutors Replace Human Trainers?

AI tutors are not designed to replace human trainers. They can, however, augment the role of human trainers, enhancing the experience for learners.

For example, there will be some questions that are repetitive and can be tedious for human trainers to answer. An AI tutor can provide these answers instead. Also, human trainers are not always available when learners want to ask a question. The human trainer might be in a different time zone, for example, or on a day off. AI tutors, on the other hand, are available 24/7.

AI tutors can also identify situations where the query should be passed onto a human trainer. This makes the best use of time for human trainers as they can focus on the more complex and specific queries while letting the AI tutor handle the rest.

How Do AI Tutors Personalise Training?

Learners can use an AI tutor how they want and when they want. This means they can turn to the AI tutor whenever they have a question, asking that question in a way that is natural and comfortable. The AI tutor will provide an immediate and direct response to that question. The response is also conversational, so the learner can continue to ask for information and clarification as necessary.

This raises the bar when it comes to e-learning personalisation. Most e-learning courses have to be developed for the average user, especially if there is a large audience. AI tutors personalise the experience by letting learners get additional information on whatever they need when they need it.

Can I Control the Answers?

At Capytech, our AI tutors are trained in a private environment using your material and information. Examples include policy documents or user manuals. So, there is no need to control the answers by being prescriptive or writing specific content. Instead, you control the answer by controlling the information that the AI tutor learns from.

Is there a Limit to the Subjects the AI Tutor Can Cover?

As our AI tutors are trained using your information, content, and materials, there is no limit to the subjects it can cover. Provided you have the information, we can develop an AI tutor for your e-learning course.

Can the AI Tutor Be Multilingual?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, the multilingual capabilities of AI tutors are one of the major benefits, as we can enable the tutor to receive and respond to questions in any language you choose. The learner experience will remain consistent throughout.

Can I Update an Existing Course with an AI Tutor?

Yes, we can implement AI tutors into your existing e-learning library of courses. In fact, introducing AI tutors is one of the best ways to refresh and enhance your existing e-learning library while creating a new buzz and additional interest in the training that is available.

Is My Information Secure?

Yes, your information is secure as we use a private language model to train your AI tutor.

Can the AI Tutor Be Tailored to My Organisation?

Yes, we can tailor your AI tutor to reflect your organisation’s personality and corporate tone. This capability further enhances the user experience.

What Are Capytech’s AI Tutor Capabilities?

At Capytech, we have developed an advanced AI tutor feature that can be integrated into your e-learning courses. We are innovators in the field of AI in e-learning with exciting technologies that will take your e-learning courses to the next level.